The Institute of Music in Cieszyn

Faculty of Fine Arts and Educational Science

University of Silesia in Katowice



Degree Programmes

  • Music Education

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles in Popular Music
  • Eurhythmics in the Education of Children
  • Information Technology in Art and Education

Graduate Programmes

  • Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles in Popular Music
  • Music Therapy in Education
  • Directing Musical Ensembles

New Graduate Programme!

  • Popular music – production and performance

(The project “Integrated Development Program of the University of Silesia in Katowice” co-financed from European Funds.)


Second Programme of Study

  • Music in Multimedia

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Musical Composition in Audiovisual Arts
  • Sound in Games


Artistic Education in Musical Art

Programme Description

The undergraduate programme is targeted at candidates who possess the knowledge of playing an instrument, singing or conducting, as well as basic knowledge of music theory. The programme consists of several thematic modules, including theoretical musical subjects, pedagogy of music, practical skills: piano and other instruments, voice emission, conducting, as well as vocal and instrumental performance in ensembles, orchestras and choirs. The programme also includes general humanities modules.
The graduate programme offers further instruction in already acquired skills, as well as new modules such as: playing an instrument chosen by the student, piano improvisation, voice emission, conducting, basic composition and arrangement, as well as vocal and instrumental performance in vocal ensembles and choirs. The programme enables the student to obtain full teaching qualifications. It also offers complementary courses in the humanities and foreign languages. A graduate of Artistic Education obtains the title of the Master of Arts.

Career Prospects

  • Music accompanist for educational and cultural institutions.
  • Music festival and event manager.
  • Directing music ensembles.
  • Manager in freelance and entertainment fields.
  • Music therapist.
  • Preschool and primary music teacher.


Music in Multimedia

Programme Description

The programme allows the student to obtain a licencjat degree (Bachelor of Arts degree); its alumni will be prepared for a range of occupations in the music industry market, with emphasis on the media, film, radio, commercial and video game industry, as well as widely understood functional music and a broad range of interdisciplinary projects. The programme includes practical modules devoted to multimedia sound creation. The Sound in Games specialty also familiarizes students with the complete process of video game development and production, with special emphasis on basic elements of video game graphics design. Alumni of the programme are skilled in composition, music arrangement, instrumentation and studio techniques of sound engineering, and possess basic musical knowledge.

Career Prospects

  • Freelance audio positions in the media: commercials, film, radio and interdisciplinary projects.
  • Freelance music positions in the development and production of video games.
  • Music industry-writing, recording and arranging music.


The Scope of Scientific and Artistic Research in the Institute of Music

  • Research on the modern-era musical culture of the region. Currently, we are focusing on research and reconstruction work of the rediscovered instrumental music.
  • Research, compilation and publication of pieces written in manuscript by the 20th-century composers from the region: Jan Sztwiertnia, Władysław Macura, Karol Hławiczka, Jan Gawlas, Jerzy Drozd, Władysław Rakowski, Antoni Poćwierz, Józef Świder and others. The aim of these scientific and artistic projects is to preserve and popularize the unknown musical heritage and achievements of the Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion.
  • Research on the “New Folk Music”, that is contemporary musical compositions containing motifs of Carpathian folk music.
  • Research on the folklore of the region:

– comparative studies of the folk musical repertoire of Cieszyn Silesia, with special emphasis on folk songs,
– transcription and analysis of empirical material from Cieszyn Silesia, Moravia, Czech and Slovak borderlands in the light of historical and cultural context.

  • Development of new trends in electronic and experimental music.
  • Interdisciplinary projects. Collaboration with the Institute of Art: experiments with sound and the use of ceramic wind and percussion instruments. These instruments have not only been the focus of sound analysis, but have also been used for creating new musical compositions as well as artistic installations. This interdisciplinary project, unique both for Poland and Europe, attempts to bring together two seemingly distant arts: visual and musical.


Conferences, Festivals, Scientific and Artistic Publications and Cooperation with Other Institutions

  • Prof. Józef Świder International Festival (2 editions)
    The aim of the festival, besides cultivating choral traditions, is to present and promote the compositional work of Józef Świder and other composers associated with Cieszyn Silesia, as well as exchange artistic and scientific experiences.
  • Recurring national and international conferences:
    2014. National Academic Conference: Folk Culture as a Source of Artistic, Research and Academic Endeavour,
    2014. National Academic Conference with the participation of foreign guests: Conductor’s Performance on the Contemporary Artistic Market,
    2015. International Academic Conference: Axiology in Art and Academic Education. Personal and Artistic Profile of Prof. Jagoda Adamus,
    2017. National Academic Conference: Music in Cieszyn Silesia,
    2017. International Academic Conference: New Voices in Music,
    2018. International Academic Conference: Biblical Motifs as a Source of Inspiration
    for Artists of the Turn of the 21st Century.
  • Cooperation with other institutions:
    – Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Studies at the University of Silesia: the Inter-faculty Musical Ensemble “FolkUŚ” presents a repertoire of folk music continually expanded by new compositions obtained by the Institute of Music as a resultof research,
    – Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty and the Cieszyn OX.PL web television,
    – galleries, museums, cultural centres, Polish Embassy in Vienna, Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice, Musical Society of Bielsko-Biała, the “Viva il Canto” Festival of Vocal Music as well as other numerous cultural institutions.
  • Presentation of the outcomes of scholarly research and artistic works at:- the festivals of science, choral music festivals: the Silesian University Choir “Harmonia” has performed in South Korea, the Philippines, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic,- concerts: the University wind and chamber orchestras have performed at national and international festivals and concerts,
    – individual performances: the faculty members of the Institute of Music have performed both in Poland and abroad,
    – publications: books, sheet music, articles and CDs.